Tech Rehearsal (Pride & Pensioners) 27th July 2014

I never would have thought that the first day working for Sheffield Live TV that I would have the chance to work on a Sitcom… awesome!

This is it the day that we test the cameras, light the lights and meet each other.

My role which I’m thrilled about, is on camera 2! What an opportunity that I get to work on camera as my first media job.

So we are filming a sitcom about 2 ladies that think that they just bought a tea room… oh that is far from it, they bought a gay bar. So the premise is that, I read the script before I arrived, call it lucky timing that I received it just in time. I liked it, I thought it was funny.

Arriving on location as per usually when doing something completely new you have nerves, well I do anyway. Not to bad mind you, but the butterflies where there.

But once I meet everyone and the butterflies settle, I relax and get ready to learn something new. As camera operator on different productions there can be that chance that you won’t know the camera you are working with, which it was exactly the case in this instance. But like anything, ask and you will learn.

I do know how to use a camera, the settings etc etc. But as it was a new piece of tech for me it was a bit intimidating. But I learnt fast.

Oh and one thing before I carry on. Thanks to Tommy Farrell for giving me this opportunity (not sure if he will ever read this but I’m thankful for this chance), cheers!

So we start filming some test footage and it’s coming out great, and not just in my mind. But as comments from others praise the shots that I get make me feel awesome, make me feel as though I have accomplished something, no matter how small. Each win is a win!

The rest of the time filming was getting used to the location, to figure out where each scene would take place in, and how we would approach the lighting and such.