Day Three “Faith” (My RODE Reel Competition) 16/05/14

by weslar

On a fiery ‘Summer’ day it was a day to be stuck in doors filming, just how I like it! But seriously it was fun, the weather was a tease – or it would be, a reward after filming.

The morning walking to college, our location for yet another film, the sun with all of its might burning my body, the desire to make this film made it bearable. That is, bearable if I wasn’t carrying a bag with the sound equipment, camera, costumes, props.

But I digress, theirs no fun without struggle or handwork in this business.

I planned out the scene with a storyboard in hand, a mighty tool conceived with pencil & paper, seriously without a storyboard I would probably have missed a few shots out, it’s happened before – forgetting shots is one of the worse things to happen, no chance to re-shoot due to time, and that the competition entries aren’t accepted after May the 31st. Everything went well.

Me and the crew consisting of Samuel Summers, Charlie Lightning and Charis Kurpiel entered the science wing and began to set-up. For the film I set-up a camera to capture (the majority) the shoot for behind the scenes. I think I might do this for my projects more often, it’s fun seeing behind the scenes of the filming day, the reflection gives a reminder to handwork and the fun it is to make a film.

So with that in place we started to work through the shots, going down the list one-by-one, I kept myself from creating a shot-list so that it would rely on the storyboard and imagery more than statistics. That being said it wasn’t a large amount of shots we had to get, not many different set-ups with equipment changes. Usually if there where more equipment, more set-ups I would have created a shot-list.

Making sure that I had all the shots filmed, the storyboards that where once nice drawings, ruined by notes of takes and lines through images to show myself that they have been filmed. It was just to make sure.

Nearing the end of the shoot chance to film myself was showing itself, I also made my (Hitchcock director cameo) in the film.

It was a successful shoot, which it always is, and hope it will be for future projects. 

The shoot wasn’t flawless in it’s execution, since we used the college as the location, it’s busy at times. We had disruptions but not long periods of time stopping film.

Looking back at the footage, there was only a few shots missing. Blood dripping down Charlie’s arm, the shot that would signify that she is wounded. A shot of something that Charis removed from her.