Windermere Day Two (College Residential [Film] Trip) 30/04/14

by weslar

     –  ‘It’s only just begun.’

Day two, or rather day one of the bigger picture has begun. We took our actors to Fellfoot Park which was directly parallel to Lake Windermere, couldn’t have picked a better location for filming. From the storyboards perception of what the location would look like in my head to what it is in reality made it tough to realise the shots on location, so we had to work around it and use the framing from the storyboards and find suitable location for the scenes to take place.

     –  ‘Onwards and upwards.’

So, from our problems we had distractions, we set-up where we wanted to film our first ‘on location’ scene, had a few run throughs and I made sure to guide the actors, and let them know what I wanted them to do so the crew and myself could plan the shots accordingly, I was using an iPhone app named ‘Movie*Slate’ which provided the awesome power of being able to make syncing clips with their respective audio easy and less time consuming.

Then there is the problems. Dogs, plains – trains and automobiles, kids, park rangers, ducks, geese, kayaks. If there was any civilisation, there was noise, and lots of it. We worked our way around it, if (in post-production) it comes down to it we can always ADR some lines incase we can’t remove background sounds. We took several hours to get the scene done, and luckily for time – multiple scenes were shot in the same location (5, 6, 7),  so there was no need to move around and we finished and moved on to find the next location.

     –  ‘Well doesn’t that look like Game of Thrones.’

When the most of one location is available, there is a moment of silent victory. It wasn’t that silent – we moved from our first location which was suitable for the scenes that took place there, this location however suited for the rest of the days shooting. I couldn’t help it a yes in the manliest way creeped out of my mouth as I thought I said it in my head, it must have slipped out – luckily I was alone, no-one heard it. But it was exciting to have that luxury of a location; it was a mini celebration!

Image‘In Westeros… Windermere’

In numbers of scenes, we filmed 12 in that location, taking advantage of what we had around us. We had 4 directions of locations scenes 8, 9 & 10 in one. 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19 in the space surrounding us.

As a well fed crew, is a happy crew – we broke of lunch after filming scenes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. We walked to a cafe and had lunch, refuelling our bodies for the hours we would spend filming and trying to get everything we needed on location, completed so we wouldn’t have to return. It would have made it a lot harder if we had to return because of continuity.




Previously I said that the location looked different to the storyboard, that was the same in locations here – but I worked out a way of turning those storyboard panels into something that was the basis for the scene(s), instead of being the definite shots we wanted to get and worked around them. 


We filmed scenes, 8, 9 & 10 here.


Scenes 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19 here.

The scenes took a number of hours to finish around 6 hours. Finishing for 5:05pm, pickup had arrived – we returned most of the gear to the van and returned to our starting location to finish filming near the lake.


The last shots of the day, and for the most of it we were interrupted, by – Swans, why they wanted to eat Mitchell (Our lead male actor)



Oh the swans…

After the interruptions we carried on filming and I wrapped up production after 8+ hours filming, I called the first slate at 9:43am and we finished at 5:42pm.
finsihing time
It was a tough day directing, marking the shot-list, setting up equipment, filming but very enjoyable.



Like I said ‘Onwards and Upwards’.