Windermere Day Three (College Residential [Film] Trip) 01/05/14

by weslar

     –  ‘Look at that view kid, it’s a b-e-a-utiful world…’


Image … but you will be looking at this.’

To Mark Lincoln, the man who suggested this location – the one who saved us a long bus ride for a trek up a hill, I thank you (don’t read this sarcastically, it was seriously beautiful looking around). If only the film was about something nice, in civilisation and not on an island we could use the grande vistas of Windermere. But hey heres to pictures!

     –  ‘If you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise’.

Lots and lots of trees, saving us from rain that would surely ruin continuity – big time! anticipating a quick set-up and speedy shooting time, I was granted with that wish – the quickest of all the ‘on location’ shoots. I didn’t want to follow the shot list this time I just wanted to get the shots that would be used as the scene that branches location to location, through montage fashion.

I took control of B Cam, to get behind the scenes footage/photos – and to have B-roll footage to use in the main film, so we could get 2x the footage instead of 1.







– ‘Take me down to paradise city’.

After what was the shortest filming shoot, I wanted to go into town to take a look at the scenery, to record establishing shots, I spotted multiple locations that where incredible to use, to make it look like an island worked perfectly because of locations we visited.









– ‘Awoke to smoke’.

The final 2 scenes which linked together night and day, was by far the easiest set-up. We arranged stones around twigs and soil, and leaves & a log – perfect visual denotations of a camp fire. Myself, Josh Ward, Tom Dufton, Hayley Ashworth and Sam Roberts prepared the scene and filmed as much as we would need to just be on the safe side.

I planned to have the scene to end where the night portion of the shot started, Josh thought of doing that with the Jib ascending and descending.



– ‘Light it up’…





IMG_0975 …and so, we did.

Thanks to Mark Lincoln for helping with the fire, we prepare with a bucket of water (just incase) then I lit the match. Finishing the scene after a lot of takes, just to have security of multiple shots to use.

After the scene was filmed with little to no difficulty, baring the fire going out and us having to re-light it the shoot was done, the film is wrapped.