Windermere Day One (College Residential [Film] Trip) 29/04/14

by weslar

     –  From small beginnings.

A long long journey and a Subway sandwich later I arrived in Windermere with my band of merry men and women, we arrived at the houses, luckily they were available – that luck; we could set up and film straight away, because that’s the nature of time… that we didn’t have much of.

So with the equipment in hand and room scouted and taken to use as base for the first scene in the first of 2 films that I would shoot over the few days there (SPOILER ALERT: I filmed with the help of Tom Dufton and our actor Agnetha Spencer we filmed 1 out of 6 scenes, it took long enough between the minimal crew), just to clarify; this was the shorter project.

We took a good time (1 hour to set up), and I directed my actress in what the scenes would entail. Then we started to film, unfortunately it was a less, how could I put it – perfected shoot, previously when in the pre-production stages I wrote a script, I sketched a storyboard of all the shots, made a shot-list. From using a shot-list like the one I used for the film ‘Isolated’, I can see how I could have improved it. In the set ups I should have thought of where the actor/actress would be and arrange the set-up around that (so that the lighting and camera position could be sorted and filmed in order so that we wouldn’t have to move lights around, set-up a new shot then set-up the original set-up again, making the filming process a lot quicker and flow better).

After a few hours of setting up shots and filming, I called a wrap on the scene – I am planning on finishing the film back in Sheffield so that I have more time on it. I couldn’t finish it in Windermere purely because of time and accessibility to my actress, I had to share her with another production group. They had her on the 2 full days we were there. Long live extra time, I wish I had thee.

     –  The bigger picture.

Whilst filming the film ‘Isolated’, the production group I was working with started to set-up our first scenes to shoot, these took place in an asylum – so as you would, the room we were staying in was transformed into an arena for mental torture and – for what was removed from the room was escorted into the bathroom. Later I directed those scenes, the removed contents of our room were reunited with their room once more at 10:32pm, after filming for a few hours the scenes are completed.