Sheffield Sharks Vs Manchester Giants (Sheffield Sharks Basketball LIVE) 25/04/14

by weslar

The live game is here, the pressure begins.

The set-up is huge, lots of equipment to sort through, set-up. Wires to feed through the bleaches, safety to double, triple check – lots to do.

My role in production was to film from Camera 3 bottom right, this meant I had to get all the mid-shots of players who have the ball, maintain close up shots when tension is built during the game. Throughout the game communication was fluid, maintaining a feed to the Vision Mixer (Josh Hague) relaying what camera he was on at what time, helping us know that the pressure is on.

The set-up was long, we ran into a few problems, cables falling from their fixtures, loose tripods (that was mainly my problem) throughout the game my tripod would slip, slide and the camera plate would loosen itself so I would have to manipulate my body around it so that it wouldn’t collapse. Thanks to the runners for helping me keep the tripod functional, and for Josh not using my camera when I was in a bit of trouble.

Never the less, the Live game went well, unfortunately the stream quality didn’t look good on Youtube, but that is always something to improve upon for next time.