Day Two “Faith” (My RODE Reel competition) 24/04/14

by weslar

Today is the day for the filming for my RODE VideoMic competition entry. We shoot in the park closest home which I have used so many times in the past, we set up in the entrance of the park where the path alines, and had base camp at a bench – sounds fancy.

All the gear unloaded, set-up, distributed to crew I walked my actress and extras through the scene we would be shooting – which is the shortest of the three. After multiple takes we had everything I wanted – it is the shortest scene but it took almost 3 hours to film. The park we filmed in like any other, is a public park – that means lots and lots of people, which isn’t annoying because no one controls it. With multiple interruptions I just ran through shots whilst we waited, to not waste any time that we had.