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Month: May, 2014

Sheffield Sharks Vs Manchester Giants (Sheffield Sharks Basketball LIVE) 25/04/14

The live game is here, the pressure begins.

The set-up is huge, lots of equipment to sort through, set-up. Wires to feed through the bleaches, safety to double, triple check – lots to do.

My role in production was to film from Camera 3 bottom right, this meant I had to get all the mid-shots of players who have the ball, maintain close up shots when tension is built during the game. Throughout the game communication was fluid, maintaining a feed to the Vision Mixer (Josh Hague) relaying what camera he was on at what time, helping us know that the pressure is on.

The set-up was long, we ran into a few problems, cables falling from their fixtures, loose tripods (that was mainly my problem) throughout the game my tripod would slip, slide and the camera plate would loosen itself so I would have to manipulate my body around it so that it wouldn’t collapse. Thanks to the runners for helping me keep the tripod functional, and for Josh not using my camera when I was in a bit of trouble.

Never the less, the Live game went well, unfortunately the stream quality didn’t look good on Youtube, but that is always something to improve upon for next time.




Day Two “Faith” (My RODE Reel competition) 24/04/14

Today is the day for the filming for my RODE VideoMic competition entry. We shoot in the park closest home which I have used so many times in the past, we set up in the entrance of the park where the path alines, and had base camp at a bench – sounds fancy.

All the gear unloaded, set-up, distributed to crew I walked my actress and extras through the scene we would be shooting – which is the shortest of the three. After multiple takes we had everything I wanted – it is the shortest scene but it took almost 3 hours to film. The park we filmed in like any other, is a public park – that means lots and lots of people, which isn’t annoying because no one controls it. With multiple interruptions I just ran through shots whilst we waited, to not waste any time that we had.



Windermere Day Three (College Residential [Film] Trip) 01/05/14

     –  ‘Look at that view kid, it’s a b-e-a-utiful world…’


Image … but you will be looking at this.’

To Mark Lincoln, the man who suggested this location – the one who saved us a long bus ride for a trek up a hill, I thank you (don’t read this sarcastically, it was seriously beautiful looking around). If only the film was about something nice, in civilisation and not on an island we could use the grande vistas of Windermere. But hey heres to pictures!

     –  ‘If you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise’.

Lots and lots of trees, saving us from rain that would surely ruin continuity – big time! anticipating a quick set-up and speedy shooting time, I was granted with that wish – the quickest of all the ‘on location’ shoots. I didn’t want to follow the shot list this time I just wanted to get the shots that would be used as the scene that branches location to location, through montage fashion.

I took control of B Cam, to get behind the scenes footage/photos – and to have B-roll footage to use in the main film, so we could get 2x the footage instead of 1.







– ‘Take me down to paradise city’.

After what was the shortest filming shoot, I wanted to go into town to take a look at the scenery, to record establishing shots, I spotted multiple locations that where incredible to use, to make it look like an island worked perfectly because of locations we visited.









– ‘Awoke to smoke’.

The final 2 scenes which linked together night and day, was by far the easiest set-up. We arranged stones around twigs and soil, and leaves & a log – perfect visual denotations of a camp fire. Myself, Josh Ward, Tom Dufton, Hayley Ashworth and Sam Roberts prepared the scene and filmed as much as we would need to just be on the safe side.

I planned to have the scene to end where the night portion of the shot started, Josh thought of doing that with the Jib ascending and descending.



– ‘Light it up’…





IMG_0975 …and so, we did.

Thanks to Mark Lincoln for helping with the fire, we prepare with a bucket of water (just incase) then I lit the match. Finishing the scene after a lot of takes, just to have security of multiple shots to use.

After the scene was filmed with little to no difficulty, baring the fire going out and us having to re-light it the shoot was done, the film is wrapped.

Windermere Day Two (College Residential [Film] Trip) 30/04/14

     –  ‘It’s only just begun.’

Day two, or rather day one of the bigger picture has begun. We took our actors to Fellfoot Park which was directly parallel to Lake Windermere, couldn’t have picked a better location for filming. From the storyboards perception of what the location would look like in my head to what it is in reality made it tough to realise the shots on location, so we had to work around it and use the framing from the storyboards and find suitable location for the scenes to take place.

     –  ‘Onwards and upwards.’

So, from our problems we had distractions, we set-up where we wanted to film our first ‘on location’ scene, had a few run throughs and I made sure to guide the actors, and let them know what I wanted them to do so the crew and myself could plan the shots accordingly, I was using an iPhone app named ‘Movie*Slate’ which provided the awesome power of being able to make syncing clips with their respective audio easy and less time consuming.

Then there is the problems. Dogs, plains – trains and automobiles, kids, park rangers, ducks, geese, kayaks. If there was any civilisation, there was noise, and lots of it. We worked our way around it, if (in post-production) it comes down to it we can always ADR some lines incase we can’t remove background sounds. We took several hours to get the scene done, and luckily for time – multiple scenes were shot in the same location (5, 6, 7),  so there was no need to move around and we finished and moved on to find the next location.

     –  ‘Well doesn’t that look like Game of Thrones.’

When the most of one location is available, there is a moment of silent victory. It wasn’t that silent – we moved from our first location which was suitable for the scenes that took place there, this location however suited for the rest of the days shooting. I couldn’t help it a yes in the manliest way creeped out of my mouth as I thought I said it in my head, it must have slipped out – luckily I was alone, no-one heard it. But it was exciting to have that luxury of a location; it was a mini celebration!

Image‘In Westeros… Windermere’

In numbers of scenes, we filmed 12 in that location, taking advantage of what we had around us. We had 4 directions of locations scenes 8, 9 & 10 in one. 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19 in the space surrounding us.

As a well fed crew, is a happy crew – we broke of lunch after filming scenes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. We walked to a cafe and had lunch, refuelling our bodies for the hours we would spend filming and trying to get everything we needed on location, completed so we wouldn’t have to return. It would have made it a lot harder if we had to return because of continuity.




Previously I said that the location looked different to the storyboard, that was the same in locations here – but I worked out a way of turning those storyboard panels into something that was the basis for the scene(s), instead of being the definite shots we wanted to get and worked around them. 


We filmed scenes, 8, 9 & 10 here.


Scenes 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19 here.

The scenes took a number of hours to finish around 6 hours. Finishing for 5:05pm, pickup had arrived – we returned most of the gear to the van and returned to our starting location to finish filming near the lake.


The last shots of the day, and for the most of it we were interrupted, by – Swans, why they wanted to eat Mitchell (Our lead male actor)



Oh the swans…

After the interruptions we carried on filming and I wrapped up production after 8+ hours filming, I called the first slate at 9:43am and we finished at 5:42pm.
finsihing time
It was a tough day directing, marking the shot-list, setting up equipment, filming but very enjoyable.



Like I said ‘Onwards and Upwards’.


Windermere Day One (College Residential [Film] Trip) 29/04/14

     –  From small beginnings.

A long long journey and a Subway sandwich later I arrived in Windermere with my band of merry men and women, we arrived at the houses, luckily they were available – that luck; we could set up and film straight away, because that’s the nature of time… that we didn’t have much of.

So with the equipment in hand and room scouted and taken to use as base for the first scene in the first of 2 films that I would shoot over the few days there (SPOILER ALERT: I filmed with the help of Tom Dufton and our actor Agnetha Spencer we filmed 1 out of 6 scenes, it took long enough between the minimal crew), just to clarify; this was the shorter project.

We took a good time (1 hour to set up), and I directed my actress in what the scenes would entail. Then we started to film, unfortunately it was a less, how could I put it – perfected shoot, previously when in the pre-production stages I wrote a script, I sketched a storyboard of all the shots, made a shot-list. From using a shot-list like the one I used for the film ‘Isolated’, I can see how I could have improved it. In the set ups I should have thought of where the actor/actress would be and arrange the set-up around that (so that the lighting and camera position could be sorted and filmed in order so that we wouldn’t have to move lights around, set-up a new shot then set-up the original set-up again, making the filming process a lot quicker and flow better).

After a few hours of setting up shots and filming, I called a wrap on the scene – I am planning on finishing the film back in Sheffield so that I have more time on it. I couldn’t finish it in Windermere purely because of time and accessibility to my actress, I had to share her with another production group. They had her on the 2 full days we were there. Long live extra time, I wish I had thee.

     –  The bigger picture.

Whilst filming the film ‘Isolated’, the production group I was working with started to set-up our first scenes to shoot, these took place in an asylum – so as you would, the room we were staying in was transformed into an arena for mental torture and – for what was removed from the room was escorted into the bathroom. Later I directed those scenes, the removed contents of our room were reunited with their room once more at 10:32pm, after filming for a few hours the scenes are completed.