Filming ‘The Whale’ (A friends short film) 18/04/14

by weslar

So two my friends aren’t going to Windermere, the trip in which we take a few days in Windermere to create beautiful pieces of film – so I was asked to help them the two being Dan Brothwell & Will Foulds.

I took up the role of sound engineer for this, which is something that I don’t do often. But I knew what to do, we took to filming in a book store which unfortunately can’t remember the name; but it was lovely – very authentic. So we arrived and started to set up, I used the Zoom H4n which is a beautiful piece of equipment; something that i would love to buy myself.

For the entire shoot we were situated in 2 rooms, one which was a main portion of the shop and a small room filled with pretty good pieces of art, which actually fitted the films nature and mise-en-scene.

We filmed for almost 5 hours and in that time had all the footage we needed, and a few extras – especially one of the actors stuffing his face with cupcakes, so many cupcakes lost their lives that day.