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Month: April, 2014

Day One “Faith” (My RODE Reel Competition) 21/04/14

I found out about this competition a while ago, planning ideas – it was a time where ideas didn’t flow but stayed put inside my brain. But today the brain let that idea out, I opened ‘Celtx’ so I could relay this information to screen, the ideas flowed – and I started writing.

The flow I found worked because the ideas were becoming instant because I envisioned the story as I was writing, then I remembered the competition asks for an under 5 minute film, so I duplicated the first 2 scenes which I was really happy about and re-wrote segments of the scenes to alter what I had written.

So now I’m left with my two scenes in front of me, I’m happy with them. Extremely satisfied with the first one, but still working on the second. The third and final scene isn’t there but it will be in time. Onto the storyboards, I drew a plan of each shot I specifically want, so that I’m ready when it comes to filming.

The first scene should be filmed this week, which I can not wait to direct.

Hope all goes well.


Filming ‘The Whale’ (A friends short film) 18/04/14

So two my friends aren’t going to Windermere, the trip in which we take a few days in Windermere to create beautiful pieces of film – so I was asked to help them the two being Dan Brothwell & Will Foulds.

I took up the role of sound engineer for this, which is something that I don’t do often. But I knew what to do, we took to filming in a book store which unfortunately can’t remember the name; but it was lovely – very authentic. So we arrived and started to set up, I used the Zoom H4n which is a beautiful piece of equipment; something that i would love to buy myself.

For the entire shoot we were situated in 2 rooms, one which was a main portion of the shop and a small room filled with pretty good pieces of art, which actually fitted the films nature and mise-en-scene.

We filmed for almost 5 hours and in that time had all the footage we needed, and a few extras – especially one of the actors stuffing his face with cupcakes, so many cupcakes lost their lives that day.