Sheffield Sharks Vs Wolverhampton Wolves (Sheffield Sharks Basketball) 7/03/14

Today it was the third time I had the opportunity to film for the Sheffield Sharks basketball team, as with every game that I film I try to change what I am doing, what I am recording and how I want the footage to look.

From the past 2 games I have recorded footage from high and low on my Canon 600D, first was on a shoulder cam rig; for the fast paced close up shots, the Smooth Cam Rig for the same purpose but I took the liberty to film from a higher vantage point to get different shots. So this time I decided to go for a handheld shoot using Josh Ward’s 70mm – 200mm lens, which I managed to get quite a lot of nice tracking shots of the players of them pursuing the basketball like hawks to prey.

I also stood in for Dan Brothwell on the lower left Z1 camera, with that I tried my uttermost best to get a variety of shots to be used in the multi-cam edit.