Sheffield Sharks Vs Newcastle Eagles (Sheffield Sharks Basketball) 25/02/14

by weslar

Today I had the opportunity to film my second game for the ‘Sheffield Sharks’, the difference this time is that we had to set up ourselves without guidance, I came fully prepared this time I brought my Smooth Cam rig, and a better lens to get a better depth of field, (75mm – 250mm lens).

having this better lens meant that I could make the footage I recorded look more invested as the focus would be on the player and have the background blurred, as the game progressed I shot a multitude of different angles and types of movement as well as getting some reactions from the crowd and recording the scores every so often.

This time I have a better understanding of what happens at any given moment in the game, now that I understand the rules better, i could then prepare for better shots.

As this is my second game I believe I have improved ten fold since the first game, and hope to carry on developing skills in live video recording in the future.



ImageAwesome dunk!