Sam and Charlie’s Dualogue shoot (Star Wars) & Editing my Samsung Launching People pitch 13/02/14

by weslar

Today it was the turn of Sam and Charlie to film their Dualogue, in the case of the idea myself and Josh Ward had no clue on what they wanted as to no prior knowledge of their idea.

Myself and Josh set up whilst they where on their way to College, I thought of using the set I used for my film ‘Panic’ as a prison for the scene, and as Sam and Charlie arrived they seemed to like it, I helped set up and manoeuvre the set to where they liked it to be, and we created a corridor with a sliding door and that was the set problem sorted.

String was attached the bottom of the door to pull the door smoothly, the string was pilled under the camera tracks to make the door pull smoothly, the only problem was the sound of the door moving, overshadowed the dialogue.

The shoot went well, we finished the shoot with minutes to spare and got some great shots.