Dualogues Edit Day One (Editing the actors) 08/02/14

by weslar

Today I decided to start my edit of the Batman Dualogue, myself and Josh Ward will be doing our own individual edits so that we can write these blog posts with having a full edit completed individually. 

This morning around 10am – 10:30am I began to organise my clips and sound into folders each folders would star as a for example Scene 1 (Airplane) > Shots/Audio > Bruce/Alfred/Wide etc shots or for sound it would be Audio > (The specified scene number). I labelled them from listening and watching each piece of footage and recorded sound to rename each file to their receptive shot number and I also added the size of the shots also, and depending on what the subject was in them I added a little initial so I know that I was looking at a specific character.

Then I created Folders inside of Final Cut Pro X from Scene 1 to Scene 3, and in those folders I would create Keyword Collections for each character and the audio which looked like this.


From then on for the first scene I had to edit it like a normal short film, syncing up the clip I wanted to use with the named audio that would connect with it, and did that for the whole of the first scene until I reached the end, I encountered no problems when doing this, but the only downside to it was that it took more time than it would have if the clips weren’t focused on one one actor at a time, but unfortunately we couldn’t do that in the shoot because of the size and angle of the projected image in the background – it wouldn’t be visible from both sides.

I then used clips from the second scene in a multi-cam edit, and worked through that scene with more time to spare, I just added inserts to add more variety to the scene.

Image Multi-cam window

Image Scene 2 Rough Edit

From then I began to do they same with the final scene, using a multi-cam edit and adding inserts.


Finally I watched through the short a few times and found there where audio problems, I think it was problems with the equipment itself, the Directional or the Marantz kit are at fault and aren’t as good quality as they usually are which made it a problem to tweak.

The next time I edit I will be focusing on the sound design and adding room sounds, music and credits to it, and past that will be the final stage which will be colour grading.

Here is an image of the overall Rough Edit.