Assisting another Dualogue group (Chris Barker, Charis Kurpiel & Sophie Clayton’s Project) & Dualogues Day Six (Working with actors )06/02/14

by weslar

Today was not meant to be a day or me to work on this project but I was supplying the camera rig for Charis’ DSLR, I then offered to help them and they wanted me to work on sound and a camera.

From the start of me knowing that I would be helping them with their dialogue we all put our heads together and worked out where the cameras would need to be for the multi-cam shoot, I suggested having a stationary wide angled shot (the safety shot) and having two others focus on the actress’, with Charis manipulating basic camera shots to make them her own and have a creative edge.

For the first two takes I held the boom pole and operated the sound equipment, which was ok but I felt that it would be better that I would assist with other parts of production, so I asked Dave Hill if he had a Mic stand which he did, so I attached the directional mic to it and set it up so that it would capture both actress’ dialogue and sounds from a perfect distance, so that it wouldn’t be too loud or too focused on one rather than the other.

From then on I proceeded to check the sound levels whilst recording, did the same to check the camera and looking at what the other cameras where looking at, the other camera operators did really well, and had their own particular shots that they where getting.

After all the multi-cam takes had finished we all went for inserts that they could use to fill in gaps, make the scene look different or add some meaningful shots that relate to the story/scene.

From doing this off the cuff and not being prepared in anyway my skills from previous productions aided the speed of my setting up time as well as the collaborative effort of the full team, (Chris Barker, Charis Kurpiel, Sophe Clayton).

The shoot was successful and I’m glad that I could be of assistance, but now it’s all in the hands of the 3 that have to sort and edit through all the footage and sound.

The one thing I suggested is that they should order their footage in folders, Cameras > Takes > etc.


Later that day we had the opportunity (Me and Josh Ward) to set out the airplane set for our turn filming for the dialogues the next day, we had chance to watch our actors rehearse (James Powell & Joseph Smith) and I gave them notes that they should take note of for certain words they should and shouldn’t say and how to convey the emotion across in certain sections, we also figured out where they would be in the scenes.