Dualogues Day Five (Working with actors) 30/01/14

by weslar

During the afternoons free period me and Josh Ward worked on putting the airplane set together, we had the wooden supports made before and we had to figure out how to attach it to the plastic plane frame.


Joseph Powell one of our actors (plays Alfred Pennyworth) brought us a gift of a nail gun ( Which Dave Hill [Staff] used) and we proceeded to hold the wooden supports and get them attached to the plastic plane parts.

We stood them up and taped the panels together and started to make some window flaps to make the plane look 3D dimensional and not a flat set.



We used an overcoat of paint to make it look a lot cleaner, because it had muck and dust all over it.

We decided to try and make a library for scene 2, we put 3 book cases horizontally laid down on top of each other and placed some books on the shelf with gaps in between and practice tracking shots looking through the gaps.


We tested angled projection with Josh’s edit of the picture which he made it look distorted so that when we projected it on the corner curtain it would look normal.

In the end after all the hard work we started to put the set away, as we moved it the nails started to tear away from the wooden supports and the whole thing fell down, luckily the plastic panels stayed together and the next time we get to edit the set we can just use the nail gun to stick it back together.