Sheffield Sharks vs London Lions (Sheffield Sharks Basketball)31/01/14

by weslar

Today I had the opportunity to be a part of the Norton filming crew to record the game for the Sheffield Sharks, I was on DSLR duty which meant I had freedom of movement and the access to the court when we had the chance to go on and film the team.

I brought my own DSLR (Canon 600D) with a shoulder rig, extra batteries and camera SD cards – I worked with Sam Summers to get the same moments but with different angles.

I helped set up a Z1 on a tripod on the balcony, as the team started to warm up me and Sam Summers took the time to film them practicing their aim and movements – we then proceeded to get a variety of shots throughout the nights game.

Unfortunately I only had access to a default kit lens (18mm – 55mm) so I couldn’t get the close ups that I wanted, this will be a reminder to bring extra lenses.

Throughout the game one of the trainers for the London Lions would not move out of my view which probably wasn’t his fault since he was in the moment, that made it a bit difficult – luckily the coach’s made a spectacle of each basket made which made for hilarious footage of them screaming and shouting.

The audiences passion for the game was intense I took footage of the crowd from multiple angles so we could show their excitement.

At the end after a very tense game where the Sharks won 96 to 93, I was allowed to walk on court and film the team as the commentator announces the winner of the games MVP which it went to 2 players, I filmed their reactions and filmed the whole team in front of the sponsors sign.