Dualogues Day Three (Working with actors) 23/01/14

by weslar

Today myself and Josh Ward had the opportunity to meet the two actors that will be play Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth in our recreation of a few of the Dark Knight Trilogy scenes.

I wanted the pair to read the lines and we did just that, after a read through I gave them a basic overview of the scenes and what would be involved with each scenario, for example the shot sizes and what props they would have around them.

Josh showed them the floor plans for the scenes to show them where they would be positioned on set and where the cameras would be placed.

We decided to take the two actors on a tour of the studio, the door was locked. As I was waiting with the actors I suggested that they act out the first scene (which they both know without reading the script) just so I can picture how they approach the scene.

We looked around the studio and me and Josh both gave them a guided tour of it as well as looking through props, straight after they suggested that we should take a look at what they have in the drama departments prop cupboard. Through this we found a few props that we would use in the scenes (a lamp, telephone, wine bottles, candles, glasses).

After we finished that we let the actors go back to the drama studio to carry on preparing and learning the script as best as possible, Josh made the upgraded floor plans and then we finished after that.

The day was a success, I believe we did more than we expected to do and I know that we have a better idea of how we want it to look and how the set will look when it comes down to filming.