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Month: January, 2014

First Brief Day Two (Sheffield TV) 29/01/14

Today we planned to film filming of an interview, to show journalism in one format, we headed into town with the crew (Me, Paige Cawthorne, Charlotte Lenihan, Stephanie Jubb, Tom Dufton and Josh Ward joined us), we filmed said interview with a range of different shots, we kept in close getting pull focus’, mid-shots of the crew then of the interviewee and a shot of the LCD monitor of the camera out of focus and the interviewee in focus.


Dualogues Day Four (Working with actors) 29/01/14

Today me and Josh Ward worked on making the set for the first scene for Batman Begins that we have to re-create, we made the planes windows, added a wooden frame so that we could keep the plastic boards that we used upright.

The problem we encounted that the blades weren’t durable and broke multiple times, but managed to finish cutting the window holes

First brief Day One (Sheffield TV) 28/01/14

Today the whole of the group had to join groups that produce a specific piece of content for the Sheffield TV station, Me, Charlotte Lenihan, Paige Cawthorne, Stephanie Jubb, Josh Hague, Aaron Dickson & Tom Dufton had begun work on the New portion; covering TV and Journalism.

We managed to film for the TV segment, I am not sure how the other groups’ footage will look like – or if ours will link well, only time will tell; and by time I mean before this Friday which is the hand in date!

Josh Hague & Aaron Dickson are in another group working on the Job Opportunities content, but had the time to assist us in the TV Studio.

Windermere Day One (Foundation degree residential) 23/01/14

Today I properly started planning my own Windermere film idea, I am working in another group also; it is just a side film that I wanted to do.

I had the idea weeks before and did take some notes, but today I started with creating the storyboard which is still a work in progress, I will alternate between writing the script and creating the storyboards depending on if writers block strikes again!

Dualogues Day Three (Working with actors) 23/01/14

Today myself and Josh Ward had the opportunity to meet the two actors that will be play Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth in our recreation of a few of the Dark Knight Trilogy scenes.

I wanted the pair to read the lines and we did just that, after a read through I gave them a basic overview of the scenes and what would be involved with each scenario, for example the shot sizes and what props they would have around them.

Josh showed them the floor plans for the scenes to show them where they would be positioned on set and where the cameras would be placed.

We decided to take the two actors on a tour of the studio, the door was locked. As I was waiting with the actors I suggested that they act out theĀ first scene (which they both know without reading the script) just so I can picture how they approach the scene.

We looked around the studio and me and Josh both gave them a guided tour of it as well as looking through props, straight after they suggested that we should take a look at what they have in the drama departments prop cupboard. Through this we found a few props that we would use in the scenes (a lamp, telephone, wine bottles, candles, glasses).

After we finished that we let the actors go back to the drama studio to carry on preparing and learning the script as best as possible, Josh made the upgraded floor plans and then we finished after that.

The day was a success, I believe we did more than we expected to do and I know that we have a better idea of how we want it to look and how the set will look when it comes down to filming.

Dualogues Day 2 (Working with actors) 16/01/14

Today I worked with Josh to complete the shot list for the Dualogue, whilst talking about the camera shots we planned how many cameras would be needed.

Later in the day we hoped to meet our actors but unfortunately both actors were not there, one had an audition and the other we don’t know about, that leaves us worried as to if they know the script well enough or that they will be able to rehearse before recording.

After the annoyance with not meeting the actors we tested the projector to see where it would have to be placed to get the best result possible, I think we managed to do so with compromise to the scene I thought it would be good if the characters were separated and not as close so that it shows their distance in the characters relationship.

Dualogues Day 1 (Working with actors) 15/01/14

Today we were able to pick from multiple script to film, I picked Batman which for me would be the obvious choice. Me and Josh Ward started to work on the script tweaking it by adding and removing certain words in the dialogue, we have two actors to work with in the scenes but at this time can’t work with them.

We planned where the actors would be in shot and thought of the idea of having the background be a projected image of Gotham City to ground them in their characters location, we completed a floor plan so that we would know where the equipment would go on the day.

I don’t think there could have been anything more to plan other than to make sure we can accomplish everything we desire in the TV Studio so that on the day we wouldn’t have to shoot it just with characters and no projected image.