Rehearsals (Multi-Cam Student project) 2/12/13

by weslar

Today we had a rehearsal for our 20 minute multi-cam project, this involved us making a show lasting that amount of time without any cuts or pauses. We had to have preset VT’s to cut to so that we had enough time to set up the next segment of the show.

This particular day was a week after I had an operation so my role before was Vision mixing so luckily I didn’t have to change my role to accommodate my situation – on the morning of rehearsals we started to set up I was in the gallery working with Hayley so we could work out the times for the VT’s and what button that would need to be pressed for them to show.

I also practiced all the transitions, as well as that I rehearsed which segment would need which camera to be on at the precise moment, the same went for the style of each section the Gameshow was typical cut to shots of presenter and reactions from contestants, the interview had the same structure with no transitions just cuts, and for the music segment it would have cheesy crossfades but looked good for the type of look we were going for.

I only managed to rehearse for the first half of the day, but luckily I had an understanding of what the director wanted.