Filming day (Multi-cam Student) 4/12/13

by weslar

On the day of shooting we managed to set up a lot faster than we did for the rehearsals, with that practice it made the process a lot easier we didn’t need to think where props needed to be or who would need to move what – because we had already planned it.

We managed to record 3 takes and with those we had great sections of footage but with some there would be sections having little issues such as an accidental curse word, or bad camera change due to camera 3 having problems (on the vision mixing board the 3rd camera was moved one button to the right so I would accidently hit the wrong button) so in editing we will just stick the best segments together.

From start to finish for each take we had meticulously practiced everything we would have to do at any given moment, that made sure that as long as we cut to the right camera at the right time the other cameras for example would be allowed the time to set up their next shot, or the graphic for Blockbusters would be changed whilst on another camera shot, this worked perfectly and made it a lot easier to make the show work.

A thing I could improve on is to react on instinct if the director isn’t giving me any camera to cut to which at first I would wait for directions but in the latter takes I would change even without the direction to keep the show running smoothly.