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Month: December, 2013

Reflection of the production (Multi-cam student)

— Concept
The concept of making a 20 minute show including a game show, chat show, music performance sounds like a lot of work, it is. The ideas that were used in the end product (Sheffield Blockbusters – Chris Barker / Student housing – Dan Brothwell / Music performance – Charlie Lightning) all perfectly fit together and followed the intended purpose of the video, to fit with student life in all sense of the word.

— Structure
The structure of our production was to flow as if every set up would be plausible to have the next show set up within the 1 minute time slot we had to do so – the SHU 60 second videos were those inserts.

We decided to have it set up as the most time consuming to set up be first and get quicker and easier set ups to follow, Sheffield Blockbusters had the most props to place (TV/Covers/Podiums/laptop to change the graphics on screen) the student housing had (2 Sofas/table/plant) and finally the music video which had (2 floor lights/a stool) this would make production run smoothly and because everyone knew their role to play when filming and setting up we made no mistakes.

Having Sheffield Blockbusters at the beginning be could have set up all the props and only have to set up the others which took far less time, and we practiced to get it perfectly.

The same applies for the camera set up they follow a similar structure, the Blockbusters and Housing segments had mostly still cameras, whereas the music video we got creative and had to pay extra attention when changing cameras in the live feed because we didn’t want to choose cameras that were setting up for a shot, this happened once in a take – in editing we fixed it by mixing takes together, salvaging the great takes.

— Planning
Over the time period we had planning for the whole show we had individual groups working on the segments, unfortunately after planning for a discarded segments (the Student sitcom) due to me being ill and having my actor cancel at the last minute we had to scrap it in the end and replace it with an introduction to the music performance.

Each group worked to ensure theirs were ready and practiced to when it comes down to rehearsals, in those rehearsals we practiced the set ups for each segment which I stayed to prepare for the Sheffield Blockbusters which would be the one I would have to know about since there a numerous factors I would have to take in account as the vision mixer – for example as the answer is correct I would not be able to cut to camera 1 which was locked onto the TV and presenter, due to the screen being replaced with a powerpoint and someone changing it to look as the teams colour.

The VT inserts I planned with Hayley to use the right transition at the right time and learnt the timings and how many VT’s would play in any order so that I wouldn’t cut the VT’s off earlier than I should, planning helped a lot so that mistakes wouldn’t be made.

— Content
In my opinion the content we managed to include in the show was sufficient as one of the main elements had to be cut due to the actor cancelling very near to the shoot, with that in mind the Gameshow (Sheffield Blockbusters) had a nice running time that covered a big portion of the 20 minutes – the time for it was roughly 7 minutes which made the other segments become less poignant that they would drag on due to having only 1 interviewee for the interview.

With the music act to finish the show it filled a slot of time that run the final running time to 19+ minutes, the structure of the content in 3 parts – the gameshow provided the interaction between presenter and guests testing their knowledge, the interview where we would get a point of view from someone from another part of the UK and how they are living in Sheffield and a relaxing performance which leaves the viewer content and relaxed to the end.

I think having these 3 ideas running in this particular order lets the audience unwind as the video goes on, which is the effect I believe we all wanted to achieve – pay attention and answer along while watching for the gameshow, listen and observe the interview and finally unwind and enjoy the music performance.

— Aesthetics
The set dressing for the production in my opinion worked well better in the 2nd a 3rd takes, the interview didn’t have much to spice up what the audience would be looking at so in the last 2 takes we decided to add a plant and orange cushions to make it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, I think this increased the look of that part exponentially, I personally didn’t like the blank look before and now it looks a lot more lively.

The gameshow pre-filming date had the set planned out, I like the white plastic that covered the TV thus removing cables from view, the same applies to the contestant ‘podiums’ adding a layer of detail making it look a lot more like a gameshow – these podiums also had their respective team colours to add a bit of contrast to the whites and blacks, the one thing that I would love to have changed or added in this case is to have a Sheffield Blockbusters title added below the TV, to fill in the huge white space that is there now.

The music performance felt the most aesthetically pleasing to me because it is simple but with the reflections of the coloured light on the guitar looked fantastic, simple yet effective.

— Technical
Throughout the production the crew showed excellent technical abilities and for some only coming on to this type of course for the first time picked up things quickly, the camera operators didn’t just stick to simple shots they worked with Charlie and me letting us know if they wanted to try a particular shot and we could work together in pulling them off.

As I will be talking about my abilities I think as I have been the Vision Mixer before I have prior knowledge of how to operate it sufficiently, I made a couple of mistakes, these being pressing the wrong button for camera 3 (the button for the camera was switched to the button right of it – this is because the button originally for the camera was on a channel that made the screen come through green), and another would be fading out of VT’s earlier than I should accidently forgetting when to actually cut to the cameras.

As for the technical side as I said I know the equipment already so I could work to what the director wanted and I achieved what she wanted and what I thought would look good for the production.

— End Product
Watching the final cut of the video I am proud to say that we managed to pull of what we set out to do, I do see some faults as with most things there is always something to change or do better next time – these being some of the takes had to be edited together so that it would be perfect throughout.

The video lasted 19 minutes 10 seconds – not 20 minutes but close enough, the content we put into it kept me interested, I definitely have my dislikes such as the interview has a few moments that could have been cut down – that segment also was supposed to have 2 interviewees rather than 1 which would have been better to have 2 different opinions from them.

The gameshow worked very well the questions fit to the subject of Sheffield and the presenter chemistry with the camera and improvisation added another layer of integrity to the style of the show – Chris did a great job of improvising and talking facts with the guests while the TV would be changed to add the coloured graphic to the TV screen.

Finally the music video section of the show looked really nice with the contrasting colours of the fire red and blue ice – reflecting the song ‘Fire and Rain’, I can tell you that was no coincidence. The camera shots were superb other than a wrong camera cut to an infamous ‘leg shot’ but other than that there were many creative shots and crossfades which I think added a certain style to the video.


Filming day (Multi-cam Student) 4/12/13

On the day of shooting we managed to set up a lot faster than we did for the rehearsals, with that practice it made the process a lot easier we didn’t need to think where props needed to be or who would need to move what – because we had already planned it.

We managed to record 3 takes and with those we had great sections of footage but with some there would be sections having little issues such as an accidental curse word, or bad camera change due to camera 3 having problems (on the vision mixing board the 3rd camera was moved one button to the right so I would accidently hit the wrong button) so in editing we will just stick the best segments together.

From start to finish for each take we had meticulously practiced everything we would have to do at any given moment, that made sure that as long as we cut to the right camera at the right time the other cameras for example would be allowed the time to set up their next shot, or the graphic for Blockbusters would be changed whilst on another camera shot, this worked perfectly and made it a lot easier to make the show work.

A thing I could improve on is to react on instinct if the director isn’t giving me any camera to cut to which at first I would wait for directions but in the latter takes I would change even without the direction to keep the show running smoothly.

Rehearsals (Multi-Cam Student project) 2/12/13

Today we had a rehearsal for our 20 minute multi-cam project, this involved us making a show lasting that amount of time without any cuts or pauses. We had to have preset VT’s to cut to so that we had enough time to set up the next segment of the show.

This particular day was a week after I had an operation so my role before was Vision mixing so luckily I didn’t have to change my role to accommodate my situation – on the morning of rehearsals we started to set up I was in the gallery working with Hayley so we could work out the times for the VT’s and what button that would need to be pressed for them to show.

I also practiced all the transitions, as well as that I rehearsed which segment would need which camera to be on at the precise moment, the same went for the style of each section the Gameshow was typical cut to shots of presenter and reactions from contestants, the interview had the same structure with no transitions just cuts, and for the music segment it would have cheesy crossfades but looked good for the type of look we were going for.

I only managed to rehearse for the first half of the day, but luckily I had an understanding of what the director wanted.