Planning Day 2 (Multi-cam sitcom – 5 stages of denial [Student living]) 13/11/13

by weslar

Today me and Tom worked on the ‘props’ list and the TV studio floor plans and TV script, Tom and I thought of what we would need to have ready for the day of shooting, and for days of rehearsing.

 Props List:

  • TV Guide
  • Duffel Bag
  • Welcome poster
  • Present box
  • Books
  • A prop book (to throw)
  • Lamp
  • Small coffee table

The TV Studio plan was created with thought of where the other groups would want their props/furniture so that we could plan movements and timings to how long it would take to rearrange the set for the following groups segment.


I created the TV script having the plot points to the left and the Camera directions/angles ETC on the right in different colours, I did this so that they crew can easily look at it during the filming and instantly notice what they should be looking at, also there are notes as to what will be happening with the lighting also.