Planning Day 1 (Multi-cam sitcom – 5 stages of denial [Student living]) 23/10/13

by weslar

The concept of 5 stages of denial is to show how living independently for the first time as a student, and how you would go through the 5 stages – Denial & Isolation, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance in a 4 – 5 minute live multi-cam video in our college TV Studio.

When developing the structure I had to keep in mind that it is live and that I also have to remember that other groups which there are 3 more, I have to accommodate the look of my set so that in the 1 minute intervals when we have to change the set around; that my set wouldn’t be over complicated.

The scenario of my 4 – 5 minute video is going to have the 5 stages played out through structured plot points and improvised by the actor, following the basic instructions that I have wrote for the TV script – this will work better because we have to film all the groups (4 of them) in one take, so it would be best for my actor to have pre-existing knowledge of what they have to do but give them room to improvise if they forget a line or two.

I think that letting the actor improvise when needed so the flow of the video will stay the same throughout, without any hesitations.