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Month: November, 2013


For Hollow we spent roughly 5 – 6 hours filming which luckily we filmed everything we wanted to in that one day, first before I write anymore here is the short Me, Charlie Lightning, Sam Summers, Josh Ward, Chris Barker and thanks to Jack Motley for taking the photos.


We had plans for what Charlie wanted (it was her concept), we didn’t have any script, just a storyboard to follow this was more creative we could pick shots that we wanted as long as the audience would stay engaged with what you see on screen.

The setting for the film is a creepy cellar which belongs to the character you see in the film, filming down there was a really spooky experience especially when no one else was around other than the crew, creaky doors and random sounds kept us on our toes at all times.

Filming Hollow was a lot of fun, I definitely think the next time I make a film or am a part of making a film I will take notes for a better blog post 🙂

But anyway here are some photos from the shoot, thanks to Jack Motley!

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Planning Day 2 (Multi-cam sitcom – 5 stages of denial [Student living]) 13/11/13

Today me and Tom worked on the ‘props’ list and the TV studio floor plans and TV script, Tom and I thought of what we would need to have ready for the day of shooting, and for days of rehearsing.

 Props List:

  • TV Guide
  • Duffel Bag
  • Welcome poster
  • Present box
  • Books
  • A prop book (to throw)
  • Lamp
  • Small coffee table

The TV Studio plan was created with thought of where the other groups would want their props/furniture so that we could plan movements and timings to how long it would take to rearrange the set for the following groups segment.


I created the TV script having the plot points to the left and the Camera directions/angles ETC on the right in different colours, I did this so that they crew can easily look at it during the filming and instantly notice what they should be looking at, also there are notes as to what will be happening with the lighting also.

Planning Day 1 (Multi-cam sitcom – 5 stages of denial [Student living]) 23/10/13

The concept of 5 stages of denial is to show how living independently for the first time as a student, and how you would go through the 5 stages – Denial & Isolation, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance in a 4 – 5 minute live multi-cam video in our college TV Studio.

When developing the structure I had to keep in mind that it is live and that I also have to remember that other groups which there are 3 more, I have to accommodate the look of my set so that in the 1 minute intervals when we have to change the set around; that my set wouldn’t be over complicated.

The scenario of my 4 – 5 minute video is going to have the 5 stages played out through structured plot points and improvised by the actor, following the basic instructions that I have wrote for the TV script – this will work better because we have to film all the groups (4 of them) in one take, so it would be best for my actor to have pre-existing knowledge of what they have to do but give them room to improvise if they forget a line or two.

I think that letting the actor improvise when needed so the flow of the video will stay the same throughout, without any hesitations.