Full day of shooting (Montage of Sheffield) 09/10/13

by weslar

Me, Josh & Tom finally had a full day of shooting ahead of us with no disruptions… until the afternoons glimpse at what’s to come in the next few months, but that didn’t hold us back.

We started shooting roughly around 10am, starting from the bottom of the Moor and working our way up following our checklist of shots we would like to get, as well as finding other unique shots along the way.

We rarely had any interruption’s other than the odd exception E.G. people interested in what we were doing (finally recognised as a true film maker today 🙂 ).

Through the morning we spent shooting we had bright skies that definitely allowed us to get the shots we needed from town.

Oh here is a picture of an American school bus what was stationed in town…


Moving on from town we ventured into the centretainment stop off the tram, filming shots of Motorpoint Arena, Ice Sheffield, the cinema and restaurants. Then it started raining.

We waited for a tram and headed back into town for our final shot, the establishing shot of Sheffield which was a mighty trek to get our desired location, but we did it. We found the perfect location and as we started to wrap up the shoot it started to rain, yet again.