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Month: October, 2013

Additional Filming (Sheffield Montage) 17/10/13

Today as I was already heading to town I had the chance to film some extra footage that we could use to complete the video, I took as many shots that I thought could be used to fill in the gaps.

I chose the shots of things related to Sheffield that are the most important than just random buildings.


Second day of editing (Sheffield Montage) 22/10/13

Today we added the extra footage I took from last Fridays filming in town, we added them and tweaked the transitions between them, we also colour corrected all the clips to fit together nicely.

We ran into one problem with the colour correction, it took a longer to get the colours right to match all the others.

First day of editing (Sheffield Montage) 15/10/13

Today we started to put the clips together on the timeline to get a rough idea of the flow of the video, We then gathered songs/music that we would like to use for the video. We decided to go with a portion of a song by INXS called “The one thing” and used the intro and repeated it to fit the 60 seconds with the very end of the song for the end of the video.

We added transitions and edited the clips to match the beats of the music so that it would flow a lot better than if we just left the clips where they were.

By the end of re-ordering clips, deleting clips and changing them we managed to have a well structured video, but we still needed more clips to finish the video.

Full day of shooting (Montage of Sheffield) 09/10/13

Me, Josh & Tom finally had a full day of shooting ahead of us with no disruptions… until the afternoons glimpse at what’s to come in the next few months, but that didn’t hold us back.

We started shooting roughly around 10am, starting from the bottom of the Moor and working our way up following our checklist of shots we would like to get, as well as finding other unique shots along the way.

We rarely had any interruption’s other than the odd exception E.G. people interested in what we were doing (finally recognised as a true film maker today 🙂 ).

Through the morning we spent shooting we had bright skies that definitely allowed us to get the shots we needed from town.

Oh here is a picture of an American school bus what was stationed in town…


Moving on from town we ventured into the centretainment stop off the tram, filming shots of Motorpoint Arena, Ice Sheffield, the cinema and restaurants. Then it started raining.

We waited for a tram and headed back into town for our final shot, the establishing shot of Sheffield which was a mighty trek to get our desired location, but we did it. We found the perfect location and as we started to wrap up the shoot it started to rain, yet again.

Cancelled day of shooting (Sheffield Montage) 2nd October 2013

We intended to film on the 2nd October for the major block of filming for the video, as the UK is prone to having terrible weather in the last half of the year (excluding the odd warm day) forceassuming to cancel and re-shoot on another day.

As the video has to be ‘happy and friendly’ rain and dark clouds wouldn’t appeal to the tag line.

luckily our location doesn’t require a specific date for it to work, just specific weather conditions.